“if punk rock and rock’n'roll had married and brought their children up on a diet of caffeine tablets, lager, and biker movies, The Dangerous Aces might well be the kicking, shouting, sideburned result” –

“a high charged rush of punk…enough to blow the fumes from last night’s hangover away” – Ged Camera

“…promises cheap atomic thrills and hot rod death. It delivers back alley bruises and broken teeth.”

“The Dangerous Aces are from the keep-it-fast-and-keep-it-simple school of fun-loving punk rock.”

“Punk is obviously still very much alive and kicking in the North of England. I think I became a fan the moment I heard a road drill being used in the opening seconds of the first track. These are good fun, but fun with a message as they tackle a wide range of social issues. The thought provoking lyrics are delivered in a no nonsense style. Great stuff” Issue Punkzine

“…quite possibly the best northern punk album I’ve heard this year. MMMM” Manchester Music

“The band also claims I’m Not Mad and Ain’t Lookin’ for a Fight, but don’t believe ‘em. ”

“you’re shit” – DJ Max Oblivion from Tiger Lounge

“best looking band of the night!” – Rock Out With Your Eyes Shut

“fast and snotty and raw” – Mild Peril

“snarling, obnoxious, lightning-fast hammer-blow hardcore” – Razorcake

“(..Deny All Responsibility is) Full of energy that will make your blood pump. These guys are full of anger, fast and certainly not meant to please parents and teachers from school. 8 out of 10″ MPTY

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