Go It Alone – Lyrics

When I was a young boy, my father said ‘son
When you’re a man, you must join a union
They’ll protect you from the bosses, and give you a hand
And with a work ethic, then you’ll have a plan’
Now I am older I can see with these eyes,
Reps line their pockets and they’re just selling us lies
Don’t need their advice and I don’t need a loan
My chance I will take it and I’ll go it alone

So I put my best boot forward and I walked out the door
With a song in my heart I didn’t look back no more
Heard the neighbours cheering as I passed by their gates
‘Cos I’m the local boy that they all loved to hate
So I walked away from the town where I was born
It’s where I grew up, but not where I belong
Fed up with the lies and the small town bitches
Community spirit is what’s used to burn witches

I met a preacher man, said I should see the light
When I looked to Heaven I got an eye full of shite
Then a man from the army said ‘you’ll find a place, son’
Out there in the desert with a badge and a gun
But I wont take orders from a Captain or a Priest
I wont shoot a man just because he’s from the east
The kind of religion that preaches this hate
Is not the kind of god to which I can relate

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