Stu, Mike, Matt, and, Moz, collectively known as The Dangerous Aces play a breed of highly charged, booze fuelled, punk rock that sounds like Vikings raping Cowboys in a washing machine.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, they draw a diversity of culture for inspiration. When late night drinking holes collide with gritty, rain soaked, council estates there is an inevitable explosion of power, rage, wit, and charm, that is the Aces’ signature style.

Andy Davies from TNSrecords wrote
As someone who has been around since the birth of the Dangerous Aces, I suppose I’m quite qualified to write these … notes, although my experience of the band has inevitably turned into something of a blur as a result of the booze soaked times I’ve shared with these guys.
I have been the fan in the crowd, the fellow band sharing a stage and the promotor who has put them on, and it has all been incredibly good fun. One thing that you are guaranteed from the Aces is an experience you will always remember, whether that be topless shenanigans at Retro Bar or all nighters in Ireland. Let’s not forget everyone’s favourite Aces moment which involved Stu literally falling out of a taxi (perhaps more pissed than anyone in the world has ever managed to get before 6pm) prior to their now infamous set at the Ignition festival.
All that said, it has not always been about the booze (seriously). The Aces have always had great songs, but these days they are a band who deliver them so well without sacrificing any of that unpredictable edge which makes them so exciting to watch.
Mozza’s lyrics provide thought provoking social commentaries, as well as being able to make the most convincing request for a lock-in that you can imagine. Stu’s distinctive bluesy guitar riffs are mesmerising to watch, but not quite as mesmerising as his incomprehensible text messages, which must be seen to be believed. Rapping drummer Matt Woods provides great pace and energy to the band’s sound, and these days he hardly ever passes out during sets. Last but not least, new addition Mat Thorpe has provided that solid bass guitar sound that the band has been crying out for, really making things complete.
It’s fantastic that the Aces have finally released this album – definitely something we should all drink to… as if we needed an excuse!

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